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Answers to frequently asked questions are given below. If they do not answer your queries, then kindly send your query by email at Those seeking status of their pending applications should do so only after the due date mentioned on the receipt. While doing so, the applicants should invariably mention such details as the receipt number, date, name and the service sought. Two clear working-days must be allowed for preparation and issue of the replies. Please note that the answers given below are typical for the most common applicants and that there could be exceptions on case to case basis.


1. As the service requested by me takes too much time, can I have my passport back while the Consulate processes my application?
Ans : Yes. Contact India Visa Application Centre (IVAC) with an application stating precise reason for seeking the passport back while your application is under process. You will need to furnish a copy of the relevant pages of your passport (including the pages where Japanese visa appears). You would need to resubmit your passport to IVAC two days before pick up time.

2. Who has to register with FRO / FRRO (Foreigners Registration Office / Foreigners Regional Registration Office)?
Ans : Persons of Indian Origin holding multiple entry X-visas, visiting India to meet relatives or for social purposes, are required to register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of first arrival only if they intend to stay continuously for more than six months. This registration is required during the first visit after the visa is issued. Subsequent travels using the same visa do not require registration. Children below the age of 16 years are exempt from this requirement. For holders of Student Visa, Medical Visa, Research Visa and Employment Visa, registration with FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival in India is necessary for visas with more than 180 days validity. In all other types of visas, registration is not required if each stay does not exceed 180 days.

3. Can Japanese nationals apply for Indian visa only in Japan and not in other Indian Embassies/Consulate in other countries?
Ans : No. They can apply at any Indian Embassy or Consulate, though time required and fee charged would be higher.

4. Can I take my personal pet such as dog, cat and bird to India?
Ans : Please check up position with the quarantine officers at the exit as well as entry airports.

5. Do I have to carry health certificate certifying that I am free from AIDS, etc. when I go to India?
Ans : No, you need not.

6. What kind of currency should I carry when I go to India?
Ans : All hard currencies like US$, Pound Sterling, French Frank, Japanese Yen are exchangeable in India.

7. Is urgent issue of visa possible?
Ans : Yes, but is decided based on the merits of the case.

8. I am an ordinary foreign citizen. Do I need a visa to go to India?
Ans : Yes. All foreign nationals barring those from Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives need visa to visit India.

9. What kind of visa do I need to go to India for sightseeing?
Ans : Tourist visa.

10. What are the requirements for applying for tourist visa?
Ans : Please refer to lists at Visa Services.

11. Can I extend tourist visa while staying in India?
Ans : No.

12. What will happen if I have to stay longer due to illness or some other unavoidable reason?
Ans : Please report your problem to the nearest Foreigners Registration Office. List of Foreigners Regional Registration Offices may be seen at addresses of FRROs.

13. Can I go anywhere in India if I have a valid tourist visa?
Ans : No. Even with a valid Indian visa, you will not be allowed to enter areas such as Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, part of Sikkim, part of Himachal Pradesh, part of Uttar Pradesh (now Uttaranchal), part of Jammu & Kashmir, part of Rajasthan, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

14. What will I do to enter these areas?
Ans : In addition to the Indian visa, you need Restricted/Protected Area Permit (RAP/PAP) to enter these areas.

15. Can I enter all these areas with the RAP/PAP?
Ans : With RAP/PAP, you can enter only some parts of Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Nagaland, and Sikkim. (Please note that only tourist group of 4 and above can enter Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland. Individual tourist, i.e. one member tourist, can enter Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Sikkim.)

16. What is the permissible period of stay in these areas where tourists are allowed to enter with Permit?
Ans : Manipur : 10 days; Mizoram : 10 days; Arunachal Pradesh : 10 days; Nagaland : 10 days; Andaman & Nicobar Islands : 30 days; and Sikkim : 15 days. Please note here that the period of stay covers date of entry into the area and date of exit from the area.

17. Do I have to pay fee for special Permit?
Ans : Yes, the fee for RAP is Yen 4,125 except for nationals of Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, North Korea, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, South Africa, Uruguay, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan who are exempt from this fee)

18. Do I need to fill any special form for RAP/PAP?
Ans : Yes. Form is available and can be downloaded from this website under Forms.

19. Can I take my video camera or big camera to India for my personal use? What will I tell to the customs at the airport?
Ans : Yes, you can. Declare your video camera at the customs counter in the airport, that it is for your personal use and that you are going to bring it back when you return from India.

20. Can I change my tourist visa to student visa, business visa or any other visa after I reach India?
Ans : No.

21. What will be the validity of my tourist visa and how many entries can I make with my Indian tourist visa?
Ans : Six month multiple entries.

22. Is the validity of the Indian visa starting from the date of issue or from the date of entry into India?
Ans : From the date of issue.

23. Can I do some other thing such as joining Yoga class, do petty business, attending short courses, etc. after entering India with tourist visa?
Ans : No. For such cases, apply for appropriate visa.

Business Visa

24. What are the requirements for getting Indian business visa?
Ans : Please refer to list at Visa Services.

25. What is the usual validity of business visa?
Ans : Six months/One year multiple entry.

26. Can I stay continuously for one year in India with 1 year Business visa?
Ans : You are normally allowed to stay only up to 180 days at a stretch. However, if the length of intended stay is more than 180 days, you are required to register with FRRO.

27. Can I work in India if I enter India with business visa?
Ans : No.

28. Can I convert my Indian business visa into Employment visa, student visa or any other visa after entering India?
Ans : No.

29. Can I extend my business visa if it expires while I am in India?
Ans : No.

Student / Research Visa

30. What are the requirements for getting student or Research visa?
Ans : Please refer to list under Visa Services.

31. Is there any difference between Student Visa and Research Visa?
Ans : Yes. For student visa, you may directly approach IVAC. For a Research Visa, you should first go to the Indian Consulate and seek clearance from them. With the clearance from the Consulate, you can approach IVAC for grant of appropriate visa.

32. Can I change my college, institution or university on my own after reaching India with Student visa or Research visa?
Ans : No.

33. Can I extend my visa in India and join another course after completing the course for which I have initially obtained student/research visa?
Ans : You may clarify this from the educational authorities concerned and the nearest Foreigners Registration Office in India.


34. Can I send someone else to apply and pick up my VISA / Passport / Documents?
Ans : Yes. However, the one picking up the document on your behalf should carry the receipt issued at the time of depositing application plus a written authorization from the applicant.

35. What do I do if I have lost my receipt?
Ans : You will have to appear in person, declare in writing you have lost your receipt, produce some identity (like a driver’s license). If the designated officer is satisfied, your documents would be given to you.

36. Can I get service before the normal time?
Ans : We don’t guarantee but if your requirement (to be projected in writing) so merits, we will try to expedite the process.

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