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In addition to visa fees chargeable listed under Visa Fees, there may be additional charges such as telex and special charges, as applicable.

The fee is to be paid in cash in Japanese Yen.

Telex Charges

The telex charges collected from foreigners for processing their visa applications depend upon nationality and place of their present stay and is chargeable as per the following table:

Japanese living in cities under the jurisdiction on Consulate General of India Osaka


Non-Japanese foreigners living in Japan continuously for less than five years / temporary visitors to Japan

JPY 3000

Non-Japanese foreigners living continuously for more than five years (alien registration copy would need to be submitted along with other documents) in jurisdiction of Consulate General of India Osaka-Kobe


Special Charges

There may be some other charges, for example, US citizens seeking Indian visa need to pay in addition an application fee which depends on the type of the visa and is generally JPY 2750.

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