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Frequently Asked Questions - Passport

Question: What is Re-issue of passport on expiry of full validity passport?

Answer: Full validity passports have a life of ten years (five years in the case of minors). The expiry date is always mentioned in all passports. A passport holder can apply for reissue of his/her passport one year before expiry of the passport or within one year after final expiry of the passport.

Question: How to avail the service of re-issue of passport on expiry of its life or exhaustion of pages or change of name/surname/signature or change/addition/deletion of name of spouse or change of address?

Answer: Fill up the application form in online at at carefully without leaving any column or item blank. Four color photographs of size 5cm x 5cm with white/off white background are required to be enclosed. Paste one photograph on the application form and enclose the others in an envelope with the application. The Indian passport, requiring re-issue, needs to be enclosed with the application. The applicant also needs to produce document (valid visa) to prove that he or she has valid landing rights/ stay permit in Japan. The prescribed fee is also payable by the applicants. Also please see the relevant portion of website for availing passport services.

Question: Can one apply for a Machine Readable Passport of normal 10-year validity as a replacement of 20-year validity passport or as a replacement of a hand written passport as this is causing difficulty in obtaining visa for many countries whose authorities are objecting to a 20-year validity passport or a hand written passport?

Answer: Yes. It is in the interest of the applicant to get a new 10-year Passport as the Government of India has dispensed with the issuance of 20-year Passport and hand written Passport in accordance with extant rules. Please follow the same procedure as is meant for re-issue of a passport on expiry of its validity. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has set a deadline of the 24th November, 2015 for globally phasing out all non-Machine Readable Passports (MRPs).  From 25th November, 2015 onwards, foreign Governments may deny visa or entry to any person travelling with a non-Machine Readable Passport. All handwritten passports with pasted photos earlier issued by Government of India are considered non-Machine Readable Passports.  All 20-years validity passports will also fall in this category.  The Government of India started issuing Machine Readable Passports since 2001.  All new Indian passports are ICAO-compliant Machine Readable Passports. Indian citizens residing in Japan and holding handwritten passports as well as 20-years passports with validity beyond the 24th November, 2015, should, therefore, apply for re-issue of passports and obtain Machine Readable Passports well before the deadline in order to avoid any inconvenience in obtaining foreign visa or immigration problem.

Question: What procedure is to be followed and documents enclosed with the application to obtain a fresh passport in lieu of a lost/stolen/damaged passport?

Answer: Please see the relevant link for details. It is very important to note that application for this service is never accepted by post. The application in this case has always to be presented at the Passport Section of the Embassy by the applicant in person. Usually, the applicant is interviewed by an officer at the Passport Section of the Embassy before accepting the application. The most important requirement in lost/stolen cases is to provide documentary evidence of the applicant’s current nationality as an Indian. Needless to say, a photocopy of the lost Indian passport is of great value. In the absence of a photocopy of the lost passport, important details of it such as number, date of issue, place of issue are of great help. If neither photocopy nor the details of the lost passport are available, the applicant is advised to produce as much evidence as possible of being an Indian. Indian voter’s identity card, Indian driving license, PAN card issued by income tax authority or any other photo identity paper/card issued by a Governmental authority in India are examples. The other documents required would be a certificate from local police indicating registration of the loss of the passport. Separately, the applicant has to furnish a self-certified statement detailing the circumstances in which he or she lost the passport. Documents such as utility bills (electricity, water, and telephone, and bank statement) to prove place of residence in Japan is also need to be enclosed. The common requirement of proving availability of valid stay rights in Japan is also applicable to this service.

The applicants may also have to furnish an affidavit stating that (a) he/she has not acquired foreign nationality/does not hold the travel document of a foreign country, (b) has not applied for asylum in Japan/any other foreign country, (c) his current landing right is not that of a political refugee, and (d) he has not entered Japan illegally. In case, the applicant is an illegal immigrant, he may have to additionally mention the circumstances in which he or she entered Japan. It is also a requirement that the applicant has to satisfy that his visa/stay rights in Japan are not based on grant of asylum directly or indirectly.

The applicant may have to truthfully disclose if he or she had ever applied for asylum. All cases where an application was made to Japan Government for asylum would need disclosure about the current status of such application. The status could be either of the following: (a) rejected, (b) under consideration before an appellate authority after rejection, (c) accepted, (d) under consideration. The onus of proving the current status of such application with credible documents would be on the applicant. In case the applicant’s application for asylum has been rejected or withdrawn, an affidavit stating his recant from his earlier position against government of India would also become necessary. This affidavit can be made under oath before the competent officer of the Embassy on payment of the prescribed fee. Alternatively, such an affidavit can be made before a notary public, which is also acceptable.

Question: How much time would it take to get a replacement passport in lieu of a lost passport?

Answer: Issuing replacement passports in lieu of lost passports would take different time periods as situations vary widely. It is difficult to spell out a standard time norm for this service. Normally, the time taken to replace the passports could be up to 3 months.

Question: What procedure is to be followed and documents enclosed with the application to obtain a fresh passport in lieu of a damaged passport?

Answer: The procedure followed in this case by and large is the same as the one followed in case of procedure meant for issue of a replacement passport in lieu of a lost/stolen passport. The only difference being that in damaged passport cases, the applicants are not required to lodge police report.

Question: What procedure is to be followed for issue of a first time passport for a newborn child in Japan?

Answer: This service is preceded by the service of registering the child’s birth at the Consular Section of the Embassy. After the birth of the child is registered, the Consular Section of the Embassy shall issue Birth Registration Certificate in respect of the Child. This Birth Registration Certificate needs to be enclosed along with other prescribed documents for passport application in respect of a new born child.

Question: Is it necessary for the parents to also sign the application meant for issue of a new passport for a newborn?

Answer: Yes. Both the parents need to sign to the effect that the particulars of the newborn mentioned in the application are correct and parents are responsible for its correctness.

Question: What are the requirements regarding appending thumb impression of a newborn on the application form?

Answer: There is an earmarked space for the purpose. Left thumb impression for a male child and right thumb impression for a female child needs to be appended at this earmarked space.

Question: What is the procedure to apply for an Emergency Certificate (EC) to travel to India?

Answer: The two main important aspects are: (i) proof of Indian nationality; and (ii) identity of the applicant.  The application form can be downloaded here.

Question: Can an applicant request for a change or amendment in any of the personal particulars in his/her passport at the time of re-issue of his/her passport?

Answer: Yes. Applicant, however, has to clearly mention at appropriate place that he/she is seeking an amendment in one or more personal particulars. It is relevant to mention that normally no amendments are permissible unless trustworthy documentary evidence is provided in support of the claimed change in status. Additionally, the Embassy may, in certain cases (such as a change in name) also like to know the purpose for seeking a change. For certain personal particulars, special documents are needed to show so that the mandatory procedure has been followed. For details, please visit the relevant links. Any change in personal particulars, individual has to apply for new passport.  No changes are made as endorsements in passports.

Question: Can Japan address be reflected in Indian passport?

Answer: Usually, Japan address is not permitted on the Indian passport. However, this may be allowed in exceptional circumstances only when the applicant proves that he/she does not have any permanent address in India and/or the applicant is a permanent resident of Japan.

Question: How to change my old photo/ incorporate my new photo to match my current appearance which has changed?

Answer: In this case, a fresh passport has to be issued to provide this service. The application form is the same for general passport application form. 

Question: How to get a consent/no objection certificate to be submitted to passport officer in India to help spouse in India in applying for passports of children in India?

Answer: The Embassy does not issue any consent/no objection certificate. However, it legalizes an affidavit to be sworn by the applicant in this connection.

Question: Can additions like change of address, addition/deletion of spouse name be done at the time of re-issue?

Answer: Yes. This is, however, subject to requirements being met for such services.

Question: Which Passport services are covered under Tatkal Scheme?

Answer:Tatkal Service is rendered in emergent situations (family bereavement, medical emergency etc.) on production of supporting document (s), confirmed journey ticket’s copy and written request from the applicant explaining the emergency. Discretion rests with the Embassy. Applicants have to bring the proof of emergency along with other applicable documents. Processing time is 1-3 working days subject to production of proof of the emergency or if the Passport Officer is satisfied of the emergency situation during interview with the applicant. Since new full validity passports in respect of the applications received at the Embassy are now printed in India, applications under Tatkal Scheme are processed only for short validity passports valid up to 24th November, 2015.

Question: Is there just one application form for all Passport services?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Should the name in Visa document/sticker or Residence Permit match with that in the Passport?

Answer: Yes. Otherwise, a short validity Passport would be issued in cases where there are minor differences in the name on the Passport and name on Visa/Residence Permit. Normal validity passport will be issued only after the applicant furnishes correct documents.

Question: Is it true that Passport would not be issued if there is a major difference in the name on the Passport and the name on Visa/Residence Permit?

Answer: Yes. If this is the case, then the applicant would be asked to rectify/clarify the anomaly. Any further service would be extended only after the rectification/clarification.

Question: Which documents are accepted as Proof of Identity/Nationality (if required)?

Answer: Any one or more of the following documents can be produced:

(a) Copy of Indian Passport (b) Damaged Passport in original (c) Photo Identity Cards issued in India such as Election ID Card, Ration Card or PAN Card, Adhaar Card, (d) Letter from employer certifying applicant's identity (e) For students, a Certificate issued by the concerned educational/training institution.

Question: Do photocopies of original documents need to be attested by the applicant?

Answer: Yes. All original documents must be accompanied by self-attested photocopies. The original documents should be presented for scrutiny at the time of submission of application.

Question: Can I send my Passport application through a travel agent?

Answer: No, Embassy has not authorized any agent.  Application is to be submitted at the Passport Service Counter in the Embassy  by the applicant personally or through a close family member (spouse or blood relative) bearing an authorization letter from the applicant and Photo ID of the bearer (proving the close relation between applicant and bearer). 

Question: I cannot come to collect my Passport personally. What should I do?

Answer: A close family member (spouse or blood relative) bearing an authority letter from the applicant and original passport/identity paper/document to establish his/her identity can collect the Passport on behalf of the applicant. Bearer should bring Photo ID (proving the close relation between applicant and bearer).  Alternatively, Passport can be sent back to the applicant by Post after rendering necessary services if the applicant provides a  self-addressed envelope (GenkinKakitome)at the time of  submission of application.

Note: In the cases where passport application needs to be submitted in person, an applicant is required to visit the Embassy at the time of submission of application. After his/her application is accepted for processing, the Passport can be sent back to the applicant by Post after rendering necessary services if the applicant provides a self-addressed envelope (GenkinKakitome)at the time of submission of application.

Question: Can I pay fee for Passport services by Credit or Debit Card/Bank Draft/Cheque?

Answer: No. Fee for Passport services is accepted at the Passport Service Counter only in Cash.  It will be appreciate if the exact amount could be tendered.

Question: Can I send my application By Post?

Answer: Yes. Applicants applying by post (where applicable) for passport  are advised to submit self attested photocopies of all the documents. Applications not meeting above requirements will result in delays. Please select appropriate postage and good quality envelop to avoid postal loss or delay.

Please note that passport applications in lieu of lost/stolen/damaged passports, expired (over a year) passports and Emergency Certificate applications are not to be sent by Post as personal appearance of the applicant is mandatory in the above-mentioned cases.

Question: What additional documents are required in case the passport has expired?

Answer: For passports expired less than one year from the date of final validity, a self-explanatory letter as to why the passport was not renewed in time needs to be submitted.  If the period is more than one year but less than 3 years, a notarized affidavit along with a self-explanatory letter as to why the passport was not renewed after expiry for such a long time needs to be submitted. If the period is more than 3 years, Personal Particular Form (in duplicate with 4 extra photos) is required to be attached with the application form.  In addition, a notarized affidavit and a self-explanatory letter as to why the passport was not renewed for such a long time needs to be submitted. Please see the relevant links for full documentation required.

Question: In case of minors, do both parents have to be present with the minor?

Answer: No. If applying in person for minor, both parents have to sign the consent letter.  If one of the parents is unable to come to the Embassy, then an authority/consent letter along with the original passport should be given by the parent not appearing, authorizing the other parent to apply alone. The minor being present is optional. If applying by post, all prescribed documents must be enclosed.

Question: Are all fields on the application form required to be filled even if they do not apply?

Answer: Yes, please fill all fields on the application form or N/A where not applicable.

Question: Can Embassy provide service to the applicants who are on a temporary visits/short visa in Japan and require any service with respect to their passports?

Answer: Temporary/short visa visitors are generally not provided any passport service.  However, in lost/stolen/damaged cases and other exceptional cases, the service can be provided. Discretion rests with the Embassy.

Question: Can someone else submit passport applications on behalf of the applicant?

Answer: Only a close family member (spouse or blood relative) can submit on behalf of an applicant with a proper authority letter and proof of relationship.

Question: Do all applicants need a Change of Appearance Affidavit?

Answer: When there is a significant difference in appearance of the applicant compared to the photograph on the previous passport, a change in appearance affidavit is required.  In case of minors, a change in appearance affidavit is required at every renewal up to the age of 15.

Question: What is the postal address for sending Passport applications By Post?

Answer: Passport Section, Embassy of India, Tokyo,2-2-11 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074


35. Can I send someone else to apply and pick up my VISA / Passport / Documents? 

Ans : Yes. However, the person collecting the documents on your behalf should carry the receipt issued at the time of depositing application plus a written authorization from the applicant.

36. What do I do if I have lost my receipt?

Ans : You will have to appear in person in front of the consular officer, declare in writing you have lost your receipt, produce some identity (like a driver’s license, etc.).

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