As we herald spring with Yoga for health and happiness,...
Home ›  Events/Promotions  ›  As we herald spring with Yoga for health and happiness, 'Kyoto Yoga' takes the lead.....More to follow, in Kobe, Osaka and other places, culminating in International Day of YOGA in NARA on 23 June 2019


Heian Shrine

  • PART 1 10:00?11:30
    EVENT VENUE Approach of Heian Jingu Shrine
    10?00 Opening ceremony of KYOTO YOGA 2019 ?Guest speech?
    10?15 YOGA PROGRAM?Participation Free?
    11?30 End of part 1
    PART 2?11:00?18:00
    11?00 Opening of the booths by sponsorers
    11?30 Reception open
    12?00 Start of YOGA class
    13?15 Yoga Collaboration event Start
    17?00 End of all classes
    18?00 Winding up Sponsorers Vending stalls
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