Yoga With PM Modi- Animated Videos
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Yoga With PM Modi- Animated Videos

Hope you all enjoyed practicing yoga on the occasion of 4th International Day of Yoga.

Yoga, a gift of ancient India to the world, has become a way of life for millions across the world for whom it has become an effective means to fitness and wellness. The enthusiasm for Yoga transcends barriers of age, gender, faith and borders.

It is for this reason that accurate method of performing various asanas, their benefits as well as who should avoid a particular asana need to be shared with yoga enthusiasts in their language. Given technology’s key role in spreading information far & wide in a short time, playlists in various languages of animated 3D videos of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, a keen practitioner of Yoga, practicing various Asanas has been made available on You Tube. Each playlist contains 17 asanas that range from Standing, Sitting, Supine, Prone, Pranayam, Suryanmaskar and Dhyana. These videos could support the yoga enthusiasts in performing the asanas in effective and accurate manner. Hence, we would like to request you to view these videos in the language you prefer and also share these ahead.

The links for playlist as per languages of your choice are :


You may also like to share it with your other friends across the world in their own native language.

Let us all make wellness a part of our lives by embracing Yoga. Kindly do share these videos to inspire others since people at peace with themselves can build peaceful societies and a harmonious world.

Please enjoy doing YOGA with PM Modi using our new animated videos !!!

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